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In 2018, Dragonfly Biosciences set out to meet consumer demand with its very own brand: Dragonfly CBD.

Unlike other CBD wholesalers, Dragonfly has pioneered two verticals, and in doing so tested its CBD on the retail market. Its subsequent success illustrates the value of vertical integration, across-the-board certification and third-party testing.

Developed in tandem with Dragonfly’s infrastructure, the Dragonfly CBD brand made the ‘seed to shelf’ philosophy its unique calling card. It kicked things off with a simple – but effective – range of CBD oils, which bottled the best of its organically grown crop and advanced extraction technology. With no trustworthy brand on the horizon, fledgling CBD consumers came from far and wide to sample the goods. A simple and transparent approach, supported by batch-specific lab reports on the company website, generated growing confidence in the pedigree of Dragonfly CBD products.

The market soon took notice and Dragonfly CBD was picked up by Boots in late 2018 – becoming the first CBD brand to be stocked by the health-chain giant. More listings swiftly followed: Harrods in January 2019 and Tesco a month later. It quickly became clear that Dragonfly’s approach was one coveted by retailers.

With milestones falling, the brand expanded its range to offer broad-spectrum CBD oil alongside its narrow-spectrum products, while also moving into its current central London offices.

Dragonfly CBD is now one of the leading CBD brands in the UK and a household name in blue chip retailers. With a proven and reputable methodology, its wholesale division lends acclaimed infrastructure and expertise to new and existing players on the market.

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