In January 2019, the EU Novel Food Catalogue was updated, to include the following ruling on cannabinoids:

“extracts of cannabis sativa L. and derived products containing cannabinoids are considered Novel Food, as a history of consumption has not been demonstrated. This applies to both the extracts themselves and any products to which they are added as an ingredient (such as hemp seed oil). This also applies to extracts of other plants containing cannabinoids.”

Recently, the FSA updated its position on CBD, providing a deadline of 31st March 2021 for the validation of a Novel Food application. From this date, all CBD products without a fully validated application may be removed from sale.

EU member states’ positions remain less clear, as the legislation is discretionary. Certain countries, such as Germany, purportedly enforce Novel Food status via the shelf removal of unauthorised products. Others have merely indicated tacit alignment with the EU Novel Food Catalogue.

Nonetheless, as the first deadline set in Europe, the FSA’s announcement represents a watershed moment in the CBD industry. Now, the longevity of a CBD business is intimately linked to its Novel Food strategy. This can either manifest itself in early alignment with a producer committed to a strong application or a successful self-application.

Yet, the application process is lengthy, expensive and complex. If companies have not already taken the necessary steps to prepare, it may already be too late.

The Dragonfly Approach

To put it simply, Novel Food authorisation demonstrates to regulators and consumers that a product is safe for consumption as a food. As one of the first major operators in the European CBD industry, Dragonfly has always sought to set the standard for quality, transparency and safety for consumers. 

As part of this core belief, Dragonfly instigated its Novel Food proposal over a year ago. Presently, an application submission is expected in Q2 2020. As part of a wider commitment, existing and future clients of DragonflyWholesale will be regularly updated with the progress of the proposal.

Speak to one of Dragonfly’s team to discuss how Novel Food may affect your business moving forward.