Since launching in 2017, Dragonfly Biosciences has become the “lonely trailblazer” of the European cannabis market, unapologetically forging its own unique path. Previously, the industry lacked a trusted, vertically integrated supplier of cannabis extracts in Europe for both businesses and consumers.

Dragonfly seized the opportunity to pioneer a legitimate CBD industry on the continent, investing in its supply chain and seeking out expertise that would guarantee quality manufacturing. From cultivation through extraction to formulation, Dragonfly controls the entire process, with accreditations across the board.

It was out of these strong foundations that Dragonfly Wholesale was born. The concept is simple: we sow the seeds, you reap the rewards. Whether you’re looking for extract in bulk or white labelling solutions, our role remains the same, to get you ready for retail. We’ll make sure that what you’re putting on the shelf is safe, high-quality and trusted.

With the heavy lifting done for you, Dragonfly Wholesale is designed to be the perfect supply partner, to develop the CBD product your customers deserve.


Dragonfly Wholesale boasts a team of expert agronomists and scientific researchers, working in unison on 1,600 acres of organically certified Bulgarian soil, an innovative extraction facility and GMP-certified production facility.

From organic cultivation to ethanol extraction and EU-GMP formulation, Dragonfly Wholesale’s vertical integration was designed to comply with the most rigorous consumer goods standards.

Dragonfly Wholesale’s supply chain and industry experience is widely trusted by retailers and consumers alike, putting us in an ideal position to fast track your CBD journey.


In the shadow of the sweeping Balkan mountains, Dragonfly Wholesale sows the seeds of its CBD on a fertile expanse of organically certified land.

From March to October, Dragonfly Wholesale cultivates Cannabis Sativa L. on 650 hectares, derived from proprietary, EU-licensed seeds, with stable THC levels below 0.2%.

A high crop yield is nourished by ideal regional climactic conditions. As the Balkan sun goes down, the temperature concurrently drops, placing stress on the plant. This disparity causes the plant to generate more CBD in preservation, inducing an elevated CBD yield. 

In 2019, Dragonfly Wholesale was awarded Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certification and cultivated over 371 tonnes of extraction-ready material.


A stone’s throw from the striking Olt Valley lies Dragonfly Wholesale’s purpose built extraction facility.

Constructed to EU-GMP standards, this 850m² facility, with 350m² of storage, forms a core part of the company’s unique seed-to-shelf advantage. It utilises a state of the art ethanol extraction method for scalability and high quality, with an impressive capacity of 16,800KG active CBD per annum.

All extract is purified through rotary distillation and thin-film fractional distillation techniques. Centrifugal partition chromatography bolsters the process and guarantees the removal of controlled cannabinoids such as THC.  


Near the bustling town of Radomir, south-west of Sofia, Dragonfly Wholesale’s experienced chemists and formulation experts develop some of the most renowned CBD ranges in Europe.

Purpose built for pharmaceutical and medical products, the facility is accredited to the highest quality standards, notably GMP-certification (Good Manufacturing Practice). All finished products and bulk oils are formulated and manufactured in a highly controlled environment.

Further certified to the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015, Dragonfly Wholesale ensures uniform quality and consistency across all its products.


As highlighted in many industry reports, many CBD brands contain illegal substances, such as THC, or mislead the consumer with lower levels of CBD than advertised on the packaging. In this instance, both brands and consumers end up as the victim.

Considered an unnecessary expense by many, Dragonfly Wholesale believes building consumer trust in CBD is paramount. Third party testing every batch at accredited laboratories – throughout the process and at multiple stages – is a crucial part of this drive.

Testing results are available for all clients to use to add legitimacy and transparency to their brand for retailers and consumers.


Dragonfly Wholesale’s account managers are equipped with the experience and expertise to help get your CBD product ready for retail. Use the contact form to get in touch today.