Regan Saveall

Chief Executive Officer

An experienced executive and Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of experience in the media industry, Regan has spent time in prominent positions at NBCUniversal (VP Finance), Chello Zone (CFO) and the BBC.

Currently, Regan is lending his expertise to the growing CBD industry, overseeing the rapid growth of the consumer brand, DragonflyCBD, and meticulous construction of the supply chain.

Outside Dragonfly, Regan lives with his wife and three kids, and spends his evenings pretending not to watch the latest series of Love Island.

Hannah Skingle

Chief Operating Officer

Building on her background in analytics and managerial economics, Hannah has taken to Dragonfly, and the cannabis industry more widely, with consummate ease.

Hannah arrived at Dragonfly in its early days and sparked the rise of DragonflyCBD, the first CBD brand into Boots, which cemented her position as Chief Operating Officer in mid-2018.

Her knowledge of complex regulatory frameworks and success in cannabis brand building has earned Hannah invitations to podcasts and panels aplenty, most notably as a regular at Cannabis Europa.

When not passionately speaking about CBD, Hannah can be found terrifying south-west London netball defences.

Radost Draganova

President and Co-Founder

Lawyer. Entrepreneur. TV Presenter.

Radost’s track record is as impressive as it is unusual. The heartbeat of Dragonfly’s operation, Radost’s ferocious work ethic and attention to detail has been responsible for the rapid growth of the supply chain.

Before co-founding Dragonfly, Radost was the head of the Legal Department at Sofia Municipality, responsible for all large-scale urban development, architecture, and infrastructure-focused projects. She has since developed a series of solar farms, a successful TV production company and now lends her expertise to maintaining Dragonfly’s unique infrastructural advantage.

Meanwhile, Radost even finds the time to host a popular monthly television chat show in Bulgaria.


Chris Wronski

A serial media and wellness entrepreneur, Chris Wronski had humble beginnings, working as a waiter during his early years in London. Yet, his shrewd eye for an opportunity manifested in the founding of Chello Zone Holdings, in 1991.

He subsequently built the company into a worldwide success and sold Chello Zone to Liberty Global, and then to AMC Networks in 2014 in a deal worth more than $1.0bn.

Chris lends his invaluable experience to Dragonfly, nurturing its strategy and vision, in between long walks with his chocolate labrador, Nero. 

Prof Saoirse O’Sullivan

Saoirse brings 15 years of cannabinoid wisdom to the Dragonfly board. Previously serving as Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham, Saoirse specialised in researching the endocannabinoid system, with a particular focus on the role it plays in diabetes and obesity. Since 2016, she has been named Young Investigator of the Year by the International Cannabinoid Research Society and acted as a source of expertise for numerous BBC documentaries.

A seasoned academic, she keeps Dragonfly at the cutting edge of new research findings and advises accordingly.

Dr Andy Yates

Andy is a pharmacist armed with a PhD in cannabinoid medical chemistry from the University of Nottingham, his own pharmaceutical consultancy and over 15 years’ experience in the industry. He is also the pharmacy lead for the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis and has a wealth of experience in the realms of academia, biotechnology and peer pharma.

Andy updates Dragonfly with the latest cannabinoid research insights, including new theories, papers and data.

MARK grenside

A trip to Los Angeles in 2016 for Mark’s “day job” in TV production instigated an unexpected journey, as he stumbled across the infant West Coast wellness and health cannabis industry. On his return to Europe, Mark committed to shifting the market to another continent.

Prior to Dragonfly, Mark was one of the original team members of Henson International Television (creators of the Muppet Show), and more recently started a group that raised $250m to acquire the International Library Rights to titles in the Hallmark Channel.


Dermot is a chartered accountant and global executive with over 20 years’ experience leading complex, high-growth, multinational organisations. Integral to the growth and sale of Zone Vision Networks Ltd. (US$1.0bn), Dermot has been Chief Executive Officer since January 2002. 

While at Zone, Dermott helped to grow brands such as CNBC, Discovery, Animal Planet, Food Network, CBS, Extreme Sports, Outdoor Channel, MGM and AMC.


Paul has more than 25 years of leadership experience in the pharmaceutical industry. After spending 14 years at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), including a stint as the General Manager of Europe, Paul later became the Executive Vice President of Worldwide Commercial Operations at Gilead Sciences Inc.

He also spent four years working at Arthur Anderson and is now the board director of several biotech companies, as well as being a Fellow of the UK Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.


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